Waxing is a wonderful way to remove hair from unwanted places. The hair is removed at the follicle, so results can last for up to four weeks after treatment. Waxing is the most popular and oldest hair removal methods in the world. Waxing is an inexpensive and highly effective hair removal method.There is no significant difference in applying hard and soft wax. Both types of wax will be heated before being applied to the treatment area. The temperature it takes to melt the waxes is different. Hard wax can be heated to a lower temperature than soft wax because the soft wax must be melted to a liquid consistency. After the waxes have been heated to the correct temperature and consistency, they can be applied in using the tools like a spatula or roller.


Brow shaping                                $25

Lips                                                    $15

Chin                                                   $15

Face  lip,chin,cheeks                $35 and up


Underarm                                          $18

Full arm                                              $50

Half arm                                             $25